Choosing An Online PHD Nursing Program

Nurses are busy people, and it is hard to find time to attend classes at a university, even part time let alone full time. However, getting a higher education can increase your job opportunities and your pay. One solution to this problem is to get your degree through an online PhD nursing program.

You don't have to get your PhD from a sketchy online university you have never heard of before. Online PhD nursing programs are available from a good number of universities, including very well respected universities. The following schools are among those that offer online PhD nursing programs, with their rank according to the US News and World Report in parenthesis: University of Arizona (26th), University of Massachusetts (54), Medical University of South Carolina (54), University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (32), University of Kansas (40), Duquesne University (72), Rush University (19th), Indiana University (15), Rutgers University (72), University of Tennessee (32), University of Hawaii Manoa (141), and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (40).

There are different options for online PhD nursing programs. These include BSN to PhD programs and MSN to PhD programs. A BSN to PhD program will be about a year longer than a MSN to PhD program, with MSN to PhD programs taking 3-4 years of full time study and BSN to PhD programs typically taking 4-5 years. Some online PhD nursing programs will require you to come to campus for a short time each year during your study. For example, the University of Arizona requires you to come to campus for an intensive 2 week period each year. Some universities allow you to attend their online PhD nursing program part time, while others require you to attend full time. There is usually a deadline for completing your PhD.

Acceptance into an online PhD nursing program usually requires a 3.0-3.5 GPA for your previous BSN and or MSN, as well as letters of recommendation and personal statements. You need a current nursing license, and sometimes you need to have taken the GRE as well. And, since this is an online PhD nursing program, you need to be proficient in the use of computers. Different universities have different requirements. The University of Wisconsin wants applicants to submit examples of scholarship along with their application. These online PhD nursing programs will prepare you for work as a nurse researcher or faculty member. If you want to be prepared for advanced nursing practice, you need to get a DNP degree rather than a PhD. Just like with online PhD nursing programs, there are respected schools that offer the DNP degree online. These online DNP programs are available from University of Arizona, Rutgers, University of South Alabama, Rush University, University of Kentucky, University of Tennessee, and University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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